What right have I?

When Levi and I argue (no we do not daily frolic in a field of butterflies all the time, just…some of the time lol) I noticed I don’t usually get mad at what we’re arguing at or disagreeing over. I can handle disagreeing. I can handle being wrong. I can surely handle being right (right?)! So why the anger??? Where was it coming from?

I was a little bothered by this anger until I realized where it stemmed from. Everytime we argued we were both guilty of the same thing. We would see the GOOD “we” had done and bring it up. It might sound something like this: “Well I work so hard for you, and make sure dinner is ready and etc etc etc” or we both would accuse eachother. That sounded like this, “you always do that, you never listen etc etc.” Sound like something you’ve heard and/or said? Well, think about this:

The only good that is in us, belongs to Jesus. We have NO right to take His goodness, and claim it as our own. And Satan is the accuser, so when we accuse (this doesn’t mean graciously bringing up truth) we’re flat out evil.

We both realized this, and have since taken the “I” and “you” out of the discussion. It’s “we” need to work on this, or “by the grace of God we…” Making these small changes have been amazing. Try it next time you argue?


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One Response to What right have I?

  1. Person says:

    Oooo this is GOOD stuff!!! For some reason I’m just seeing this blog post! (I need to figure out how to subscribe… lol). It’s so dang true and so hard to remember when you’re all heated up, but that perspective is of far more value than gold. Truth, man… Whatever good I bring to the marriage is by the grace of God and whatever bad I see in my hubby is a speck to my plank. Thank you for sharing this!!

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